There are events that change your life and one of them, at least in my case, it was the loss of my father EDMEO. He made me grow up suddenly, placing myself before more complex and diverse responsibilities, as he was for me an important reference point on which I leaned, feeling very relieved and a bit ‘lighter soul. I was still too young to be able to understand the meaning of the father and who he really was, especially since I was difficult to manage its strong and exuberant personality. I have always considered the peasant family, because I liked to stay in the vineyards and in the open air and, over the working day, leave everything and go to the sea to Milano Marittima. I remember him when I was not there, he went to check every square centimeter of what I had done throughout the day, and if things were not arranged as he had decided, was war. EDMEO was a great character, well respected, one always on the go, with a great reputation, so great as to induce many to bet that I would never be able not only to emulate, but to keep all that he had built.

So I continued to be the vintner who had always wanted to be and in 2001 began the restructuring of Pennita and the construction of the winery; that was my ultimate goal and I can say I stubbornly pursued, going straight on my way and paving as a caterpillar any difficulties that arose in front of me, while addressing each choice with the heart. The rest have never been able to live a passion in a balanced way, I always let the same Rescue taking over me pushing me towards extreme situations. Just to stir the passion I have never given up and I did not commit demoralized when maybe came heavy criticism about the wines that I produced or not elated when they got some satisfaction, convinced that in this area there must never feel satisfied or convinced that born “learned”. Now I grew up and did not scare me more responsibilities I assumed renewing existing winery, planting new vineyards, wine by engaging in this project with which I am making the most of native vines of the hills of Forlì, located a few kilometers from the city center.

In 2002 part of the great challenge of the oil and the purchase of a small crusher Mori.

In 2005 Alina meeting that has an olive grove of family Fognano of Brisighella with an unbridled passion attaccatagli by her great father Ferruccio Olmeti.

Then pushed to play with native varieties of olives and produce monocultivar that give the opportunity to people to understand and appreciate the true taste of the oil.

Now point to improve from year to year the quality of products by combining the traditional technology.